6 Reasons to Visit Stonehenge


Stonehenge is an incredible prehistoric monument full of spirit and legend. In truth, the origins of Stonehenge are a mystery. Incredibly beautiful and immense in size, Stonehenge is a place worth visiting.


There are permanent and temporary exhibitions at Stonehenge, with hundreds of prehistoric objects on display. From weapons and tools to ancient bowls and hunted animal bones you are sure to learn a lot about the history of Stonehenge and the people who once lived there. It has even been said that Stonehenge was used for human sacrifices.

Learn How Our Ancestors Lived

Visit the Neolithic houses, where a guide can talk you through the daily activities of our ancestors. You can volunteer to make prototypes of these ancient houses, originally made with chalk walls and straw roofs. You can spend the day inside one of these huts, grinding grain by the fire and getting in touch with your ancestral roots.

View The Sunrise

A truly spiritual experience, stand up at Stonehenge in a ring of people all holding hands while you watch the sunrise. You can take this time to meditate on what life was like thousands of years ago. How many sunrises this monument has seen and all of the people that have gathered there to share in the experience year after year. This is especially magnificent and ceremonial during the summer and winter solstice.

Experience Surrounding Historical Sites

There are many other structures and monuments in the surrounding area of Stonehenge, and more recently it has been discovered that there are underground tunnels nearby. Among these wonders is a burial ground thought to have been used to bury great leaders. Within Stonehenge itself you will find history of Romans, Celtics, druids, and the first world war.

Explore The Mystery

There is a lot of speculation around why Stonehenge was built. Some say that it was built as a hunting ground and for feasting, with construction of Stonehenge dating back over 10, 000 years ago. “The Pipers Stones” is another common name for Stonehenge, as it is theorized that the stones were put there to block the sound of music in specific directions in order to lure in maidens. It is also said that these large stones were used in a similar fashion to church bells as a place of worship. Whichever the case, it is best experienced in person.


One rumoured origin of Stonehenge is that it was built by druids. Druids were known to be influential beings that celebrated the solstice which Stonehenge has been said to be built for. Regardless, even if the druids were not the cause of Stonehenge and the surrounding structures in England, they are a part of the Stonehenge history.

Many events and rituals are held at Stonehenge today, including ceremonial modern day druid gatherings and all manner of spiritual celebrations. For now, Stonehenge remains a mystery to be speculated and explored but its unique energy can only be experienced in person.