8 Exciting Destinations For Couples To Go Camping


There is a time when couples just need to get away. They need to spend some time alone, without the interruptions of phones, friends and doorbells; or even the bosses. When a couple does not get much time together due to work and other responsibilities, the relationship can be strained. Making an effort to have this alone time should be mandatory, and at the list of priorities for every couple. It can only be considered a good thing to spend time together, to get to hear each other’s thoughts and dreams again. After all, that is one reason they fell in love.

There are some outstanding areas that would make for a wonderful couple camping destination. A few are listed here for couples to ponder over and then decide which location to make a reservation at, after further review of each.
1.Rip Van Winkle Campgrounds– The ambience is all here. The sounds of nature, a beautiful sunset or sunrise. Solitude and peace, and plenty to do. Lover’s Lane is dedicated to adults only and in a secluded area of the campgrounds. This is the place to spend time and remember why you fell in love.


Rip Van Winkle
Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz

2.Napa Valley– Who would not love a romantic getaway in the heart of Wine country? The scenic beauty of the hills and valleys sends lover’s into overdrive.


Napa Valley
Photo Credit: Jim G

3.Kauai, Hawaii– Romance personified. There are so many locations to hike, sit and enjoy a beautiful sunset, cuddle to the morning sunrise and enjoy the ocean breeze while you speak loving words to each other. Dream in paradise, cuddled up to your love.


Napali Coast Hawaii
Photo Credit: Christian Arballo


4.Finger Lakes, New York– A year round destination for romantic camping adventures. A tent for two and an oversized sleeping bed makes for a cozy romantic night. The beauty in nature, the scenery of mountains and glorious sunsets. This is truly a romance to be shared.


Finger Lake
Photo Credit: Blmiers2


5.Fort Lauderdale Florida– Romantic strolls along the beaches, nightlife and entertainment, breathtaking sunsets and a night time dip in the ocean. What more needs to be said?


Fort, Lauderdale Beach
Fort, Lauderdale Beach, Florida

6.Moab Utah– This is the place for a weekend camping destination for the thrill seekers. Glorious natural beauty, the Delicate Arch, whitewater rafting or strolls hand in hand along the mountainous range. The beauty and romance is here.


Arches National Park Utah
Tunnel Arch, Arches National Park

7.Jemez New Mexico is home to natural hot springs and all the beauty the eyes can behold, except for the one you love. The natural springs are secluded, and seldom occupied. The beauty of the morning with the steam rising from the springs, the walks through the nature and spending time alone with the love of your life. It is all here in Jemez.


Jemez Pueblo, Mexico
Jemez Pueblo, Mexico


8.Yosemite is by far, the most popular of romantic camping destinations for couples. There is a range of camping styles to fit all budgets, the camping sites are isolated and filled with the wonders of nature. The park is open 24 hours, giving couples the opportunity for some awesome and romantic night walks.

Yosemite, National Park
Yosemite, National Park