Romantic Breaks in the UK

Every couple of months my husband and I try to travel away from the city on a romantic break, simply to get away and focus on our close relationship. It turns out we are not alone and like many British people feel the same according to BlueChip Holidays.  The travel specialists surveyed over 2000 adults in the UK whom were asked:  “What do you look for in a romantic UK break away?

The results of the survey are published on Your Amazing Places with unsurprisingly the most popular answers are below:

  • Secluded location – 54%
  • Log burning fire – 48%
  • Somewhere with your own hot tub – 37%
  • Somewhere to stargaze – 34%
  • A four poster bed – 23%
  • A great view – 18%
  • Suitable for dogs – 10%

What we look for?

We often travel on romantic weekend breaks and our first choice is to enjoy secluded locations, however we also enjoy getaways to places where there are many things to do.  For example this weekend we visited London and whilst it wouldn’t be classed as secluded we were able to have a romantic weekend without being away in the woods. The most important factor for us when booking a romantic vacation away is the accommodation, paying the extra for a better hotel is highly recommended.

We often travel on a budget and stay in some 1/2 star hotels from time to time but for romantic breaks we have made a decision to ensure that we reserve a premium room wherever we visit.

Our Top 3 Favourite Places

We often get asked where we can recommend for a romantic getaway, here is our top 3 places (so far)

3. London

London Eye

As mentioned previously, bybooking premium hotels we ensure that any stay in London can be made into a romantic one. We believe that London is one of the best cities in the world and one we never get bored of. The number of Romantic activities to much more than anywhere in the UK.

2. North Wales


This may be a surprise to many of our readers but we fully enjoy spending a weekend in North Wales. Nothing for us beats being on the beach on an cold Autumn day eating Fish and Chips and then relaxing in B&B hotel. What makes North Wales on our list is that it is a simple vacation and is great for relaxation.

  1. The Lake District.


Our top choice for a simple romantic break the Lake District has many different towns with the typical B&B and cottage style accommodation. During the winter this is is a truly special place that we recommend everyone to do if visiting the North West. Being away from the stress of the city and eating nice home-cooked food in a warm cottage is a great way to pass a winter weekend with the partner.