The Top 5 Victorian Attractions in London

Despite all of the modern advances that are available to use and be seen today, many people are still attracted to the older style that decorates parts of London to this very day. London has been diligent about maintaining its classic Victorian look in certain areas of the city and with certain attractions. In fact, there is even a part of London known as the Victoria area that you can go to and visit that relishes in this time in England’s history. If you are considering traveling to this part of the city, here are the top 5 Victorian attractions in London that you will not want to miss during your trip:

  1. Westminster Abbey – It would be hard to take any trip to London without wanting to visit Westminster Abbey. Perhaps one of the most famous churches in the world and one of the most visited, this site ranks among the best of all of the top 5 Victorian attraction in London today. The church maintains the classic Victorian design and look and stands out for its architecture and history. Just walking the grounds of the church and taking in all it has to offer can be fantastic.
  2. Victoria and Albert Museum – If you really want to learn more about the Victorian era and where it all started, make sure you take time to visit this museum. The museum goes into great detail regarding the art and design brought about during the times of Queen Victoria. There is an amazing collection of art and jewelry available to be seen.
  3. Houses of Parliament – Not only are the Houses of Parliament featuring the classic designs that are known around the world but they are also a great place to visit if you just want to see and learn more about the history of English government and how it has operated. Guided tours are available so you can walk through halls that are nearly 1,000 years old.
  4. Tower Bridge – Perhaps the most famous bridge in the world, you can visit the Tower Bridge and learn just how the bridge was built and operates. Just taking a walk over the glass floor panels so you can see London beneath you is worth the trip to the bridge.
  5. Charles Dickens Museum – No tour of Victorian London would be complete without visiting the museum for the man whose work is synonymous with the Victorian era. You can walk through one of Dickens’ residences and see what life was like during the Victorian time for this famous author and his family.

There are many other great places that you can visit that help you to see the Victorian history of London. To make the most of your time in the city, you may want to consider looking at cheap and budget hotels in London Victoria so you can save some money on your stay and have more to use towards seeing the sights of the city. The Victoria hotel London has to offer that can be best for you can be found at the Victoria Inn London, right in the heart of the Victoria area and a place to stay for a clean, comfortable time in London.