Travel and Exhibitions


We at Travel Bonvoy love the flexible lifestyle that working online brings, however there occasions when we must leave the beach and actually complete some work.

We started selling adventure packages and different travel related products online since 2012 and are always looking at new ways to find customers and suppliers.  We travel to different trade shows, mainly around he US and Europe and place our brochures and posters to clients. Whilst this was feasible for the first few exhibitions and conferences, we were finding that organising the Stands and boards to display our brand was becoming a hassle and hindrance on what we love doing. We were traveling from place to place having to deal with all the extra baggage and storage required.

With this we decided to look into rental of stands at each city we were in and then we discovered nstands, in which we could actually arrange for this before we arrive at a place.

For great exhibition stand ideas in nStands then this is a recommended service that we use now at least 6 times a year.

Our next trip to Europe will be at the end of Summer and we already have different companies arranged for our exhibition requirements. We aim to be in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels within the space of 3 weeks. Whilst we are not exhibiting, we will be at TBEX this summer at Minneapolis, Minnesota in what we are highly excited about. We aim to meet fellow travel bloggers, writers and freelancers from all over the US and make some good business connections.


We love to travel and this will continue, we just need to effective in how we operate our business to ensure that we can sustain our lifestyle.

Tips for Conferences

In order to get the most out of these events we at have the following tips:

Research Attendees

The people attending these places are highly important for business and it is advised to see who is actually attending. It is great to be able to meet the people related to your business, it could eventually lead to a new relationship.


Organisation is Key

Information overload is going to happen, therefore you need to be organised so that when you leave after the event you know exactly what you will be doing next. If you simply take a handful of leaflets and business cards, we guarantee that you will have no idea what happened.

Contacts and Prospects

People are not really going to these conferences to be sold to, they are there to lean and gain experience. Use the meeting time to speak to them and answer questions on your product service. It is important that after the event follow up with potential clients.