Take a Trip to Chelsea Stadium

People travel to London for all kinds of reasons. Some people come to the city for business, others look forward to the great shopping and dining that is available and many are in the city to see some of the best historical sites in the world today. There are many people that travel to London for a completely different reason though. These are the people that are coming to see a great football match. There are thousands of fans that flock to the city all of the time to see their favourite teams play and one of the most popular in the city is the Chelsea Football Club. Chelsea FC has a very strong following and getting the chance to go to Chelsea Stadium can be a big thrill for the fan going for the first time or the fiftieth time. If you are thinking about going to see Chelsea FC then try to seek out hotels near Chelsea Football Ground near Earls Court.

Staying in the Area

You can make things much easier for yourself by finding a hotel located right near the stadium. London is a very large city and if you choose a hotel that is further away from the stadium you will experience a long trip just to get over there to see the match. You want to keep in mind that on game day there are thousands of people all going to the same area, so driving yourself across the city can take a long time. Even taking public transportation like the bus or train may take you longer on these days, so the closer you are to the stadium the better off you can be. By staying in a hotel near to Earls Court, you can be just minutes away from the stadium grounds so you can get back and forth easily.

Finding the Right Savings

You may want to look for a hotel that is more affordable so it fits nicely into your budget. This means taking a look at some of the cheaper hotels in the area. These hotels can provide you with everything you want in a hotel room and give you the size of room that you need to fit everyone traveling with you and at a much better price than many of the other places in the city. You get a comfortable room with quality amenities and still get to be close to the grounds so you can get to the match without any trouble.

Going to see the Chelsea FC play can be a real treat for any fan of the team. To make the trip even better, take a look at budget hotels near Chelsea football ground and choose to stay at the Hotel Lily. The Hotel Lily has some of the best rates in the area, has fantastic rooms and places you just a short distance from the football grounds so