Why Is Palawan, Philippines Paradise on Earth

Palawan, Philippines
Palawan is one of 7,107 islands in the Philippines. It located west of the Philippines between the China Sea and the Sulu Sea. Palawan is one of the most secluded, underdeveloped parts of the Philippines, and is often overlooked by travelers. Since it is so overlooked by travelers it makes it the perfect place for the ideal vacation spot because it is not overrun by tourists. (Simakina, 2014)

If you are looking for a sunset to die for then Palawan is the place for you. On the Palawan island if you are sitting on the beach enjoying the soft sand between your toes you will be able to capture probably the most breathtaking and beautiful sunsets that mother nature has to offer. With its reds, oranges, blues, and purples it makes for the perfect time to capture a picture of the sunset so that you can look back on it and share with the rest of your family. (Simakina, 2014)

Palawan has one of the clearest waters in the world. Since that it is so secluded and unexploited from most tourists there is no pollution which makes it so crystal clear to the point where you can see the light glisten off the water, you can see every aquatic spices known to man and literally see to the bottom of the sea. (Simakina, 2014)

On the Northern side of the island is El Nido. There you can see the Karst Rock Formations which are lime stone formations that literally forms in the water and pops out for everyone to see. The Karst Rock Formations look so massive even from far away and has some of the most beautiful plant life nicely scattered all over the formations. (Simakina, 2014)

El Nido Palawan
Photo Credit: Nennnn

To go along with the soft, beautiful sand on the island is the most mesmerizing and tall palm trees on earth. If you lay on your back on the warm and soft sand to stare directly up the palm trees you can get lost in the beauty of the swaying palms at the top of the trees. (Simakina, 2014)

Bacuit Bay Palawan
Photo Credit: Cisc1970

With it being so overlooked by most travelers you can almost think of Palawan as your own secluded island. Without all of the rat race of other travelers you are able to relax on the beautiful sand, go fishing anytime you want without someone bothering you, and you can borrow a boat from one of the locals so that you can take a relaxing boat ride to enjoy the beautiful water. (Simakina, 2014)

The best thing out of all the experiences that you will have on the island is being able to meet some of the happiest and kindest people on earth. They are very accommodating. The locals welcome you to island with open arms, smiles, and respect because most of the travelers that discover the island has respect for the locals and their island. (Simakina, 2014)

So if you aren’t sold yet on taking a trip to Palawan in the Philippines and add this island to your bucket list. Palawan is an island that is considered as paradise and is something that you remember for the rest of your life.

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