4 Incredible Wine Tours You Must Experience in Auckland

If you are a wine lover, get ready to be mesmerized with the myriads of options of sumptuous wines in Auckland. You can sign up for private or group wine tours to the most famous wineries in the city. Indulge in some of the finest wines, specially prepared the traditional way. Wine tours in Auckland are planned keeping in mind the following: – luxurious transport facilities, exquisite collections of wine and well informed guides to make your tour a memorable experience . You can opt for either a half day or a full day tour, depending on what best suits your itinerary. Some of the renowned tours include:

  1. Kumeu Wine tour

Located in central Auckland, the first tasting at this tour will take you to the award-winning Soljans Vineyard. The richly flavoured wines here are a result of skilful integration of traditional and modern preparation techniques. An inviting menu of Mediterranean cuisine awaits you for lunch at the winery restaurant. The next winery to visit here is the Matua Valley where you will find a wine for every taste and occasion. The final tasting will be at the West Brook Winery, known for its unique regional flavour and wide variety.


  1. Villa Maria Wine Tour

This famous attraction in West Auckland is the biggest privately owned wine company in New Zealand. You can either get a pick-up in the inner pockets of the city or opt for rental cars to drive down to the estate at Cornwall Park. Watch out for the mammoth volcanic craters, especially Rangitoto, known for its distinctive symmetrical feature. You can then head to the wine making operations in the vicinity and closely observe the preparation on your tour through the vineyard and the winery.


  1. Matakana Wine Tour

Visit the Matakana Coast for food and wine that pamper your taste-buds. You will find yourself savouring sparkling wines, honey and chocolate here. This is located on New Zealand’s North Island, so you can approach a rental car agency to get here. The picturesque roads are definitely worth the drive. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide for your local wine tastings. The guide will walk you through the many flavours, aromas and textures of the wines you find.

  1. Muriwai Wine Tour

Auckland’s wild west coast invites you to explore its indigenous wildlife and renowned wines. Come by the House of Nobilo estate and try out some of the most talked about wines. You will also visit the Muriwai beach and stop by to admire the large colony of lovely sea birds that live here called gannets.

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